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The Gobanna awning is manufactured by Karsten, and is made out of
high-quality Ten Cate fabric.
The quality of Karsten guarantees years of carefree use; and thus 5 years warranty is given
on construction and materials.
 The complete awning system consists of three components: the comfort awning,
the fore tent and the rain awning.The size is 3 x 3 m.

Comfort awning
The comfort awning fits every Gobanna and is mounted by way of a string.
A small number of tent pins and a pre-bended aluminium tent pole guarantee a
windproof construction.
The highly durable aluminium tent pole is of supreme quality.
Because of the straight sides, it is very practical to use
Fore tent
The fore tent is connected to the comfort awning by means of a sturdy zipper.
The fore tent has several practical uses.
Using the adjustable synthetic poles (included), the centre section of the fore
tent can be employed as sunshade.
Closing the centre section and rolling up one of the triangular side panels, you
create a spot that is wind protected.
Optional is a set of windows with zip closure in the triangular side panels.
Rain Awnings
The rain awning enables entering the caravan dry, and serves as a sunshade.
It comes provided with a horizontal ridgepole. This horizontal pole assures free entry.
Kitchen awning     
An addition to the system of awnings that connects to the sleeping part
of the caravan, a kitchen awning is available.
This allows dry and windproof cooking.
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